Wamboin Community Association

Brigade Structure

The Wamboin Brigade is split into two connected structures controlling the operational aspects of managing a Fire Fighting Unit, and a separated structure for controlling the Administrative matter affecting the Brigade. In the case of the Administrative positions they are undertaken in compliance with the Brigade constitution. There are a number of possible type of membership, the most common being "Ordinary" membership.

Brigade Operational Structure

Role Appointment Details
Brigade On-call Officer Phone (0409 991 340)
Captain Matt O'Brien
Senior Deputy Don Evans
Deputy 1 Geoff Foster
Deputy 2 Cliff Spong
Deputy 3 Neville Schroder
Deputy 4 David Cochrane
Deputy 5 John Taubman

Brigade Administrative Structure (Statutory Positions)

Role Appointment Details
President Peter Greenwood
Vice-President Kevin Rowe
Secretary Jane O'Brien
Treasurer Neville Schroder
Support Crew Coordinator TBA
Equipment Officer Tim Barter
Training Officer Cliff Spong
Community Safety/Education Officer Rod Williams

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Brigade Life Membership

Life membership of the Wamboin Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade is reserved for relatively rare if not exceptional cases. It is awarded by the Brigade and not by the NSW Rural Fire Service to a living person who is a past or present member of the Brigade and only when the member has provided "Meritorious Service" to the Brigade.

"Meritorious Service" is above and beyond the normal call of duty and has been judged by the Brigade as being of substantial benefit to the Brigade and provided by a person over an extended period of time.

A copy of the guidelines for granting Life membership is held by the Brigade Secretary.

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