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Palerang Local Environmental Plan

The Palerang Local Environmental Plan 2014 was formally made on 19 September 2014, taking effect on 31 October 2014, and is available for reference on the NSW government legislation website.

The following information, and the links to pages at left, should now be considered information for historical purposes only. They will be 'tidied up' in due course.

The LEP Template

The basic LEP template/document is provided by NSW Department of Planning, and is the same for all NSW Councils—with mandatory sections, and clauses where Councils can put their own ‘stamp’ on the document by adding in specific additional requirements.

The NSW Government template has a range of zones to allow for many different types of land usage, with objectives that characterise each particular zone. Zones can be included in or excluded from the LEP as appropriate.

LEP Working Draft

You can download the current working draft of the LEP document from the Palerang Council website.

Note that, throughout the current working draft of the LEP, there are items in black text and items in red text. The items in black text are mandatory inclusions (they appear in all LEPs), as determined by the NSW State Government. The items in red text are optional inclusions, identified by council planning staff as being relevant in our LGA. These optional inclusions, as they currently stand, are simply chosen from a template provided by the NSW State Government.

In some cases, the DLG recommends that the red text be included exactly as is, if it is determined that it is required at all, to maintain the integrity of the clause in question. In other cases, the wording provided is simply a guide to what can be included. In either case, the task currently being undertaken by our councillors is to determine which of the staff's recommendations they believe should be included in the draft LEP, which should not, and which are acceptable in intent, but might benefit from rewording.

Air Your Views

The draft Palerang Local environmental Plan is on public exhibition until 8 March 2013. If you have any comments to make about the new LEP, please forward your written submission to Council, either by email to records@palerang.nsw.gov.au, to the General Manager at PO Box 348, Bungendore NSW 2621, or hand it to the customer service staff at the council offices at either Braidwood (144 Wallace Street) or Bungendore (10 Majara Street).

Please be proactive if you have any concerns and make your views known to either councillors or your Community Association representatives.

NSW Government Planning

If you're interested in the New South Wales planning and development assessment system that underpins the whole LEP preparation process, visit the NSW Government Planning Web site.