Wamboin Community Association

Feature Extracts

Monthly editions of The Whisper include a number of regular articles from local residents. In the coming months we will draw these articles together into individual collections that can be browsed through the left side menu.

Local History

Several contributors have provided background information on the development of the Wamboin area, the people and events that have shaped our community since the original subdivisions more than 30 years ago.

Mahogany Ridge

The incisive insights of the venerable Larry King, reporting from Mahogany Ridge.


Bits and pieces from the Whisper that don't have a their own special place to live...

Nature Notes

Jo Walker has been contributing her observations our our local flora and fauna since the earliest editions of The Whisper.

The Stable Door

Ian Coillet offers his occasional pieces on the unique character of the Wamboin community.

Wamboin Muse

Our very own muse, long time resident Jill Gregory, reflects on the many dimensions of life in Wamboin.

Wamboin Weather

Weather records maintained at several Wamboin locations.