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The meeting was held on 11th November 2010 and about 15 people attended. There were no nominations for the three main positions required to keep us active and in the Landcare fold, so a wide ranging discussion ensued. Mostly procedural matters with the nursery, Landcare projects, and the way the group has operated in the past were covered and it was decided to proceed with a planning session in early Feb to determine future directions for the group over the next couple of years.

In the light of this decision, the present main committee members of Co-Convenors [Roger Good, Geoff Butler], Secretary [Chris Fowler], and Treasurer [Kathy Handel] were re-appointed to their positions after all agreed to continue. No other committee members were appointed, it being the feeling of the meeting that, for the foreseeable future at least meetings would be held in conjunction with the monthly nursery sessions, at which any matters for decision would be canvassed and acted upon. Major projects, plantings and other events would be decided within the framework of the proposed general plan for the group and all members would be asked to consider nominating for the positions of ‘organisers’ of those events. A similar approach would be taken towards the operation of the nursery which would continue in it’s present form and place.

Landcare book - Look after your Natural Assets

The book, which has for some years been published by the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Coordinating Committee, in company with a number of other organisations, had it's gestation in this Landcare Group and we have this time financially supported the reprint. A number of past and present supporters of Landcare have voluntarily contributed their time and expertise at various times to make it a continuing success.

The book was launched in company with two other publications. - Willow Management - a strategy, and a Peri-Urban Weed Management Study. This latter publication I can recommend if you are interested in the response of rural lifestyle landholders to weed managment. It is enlightening research, even if some aspects of it are already anecdotally recognised and discussed.

We will have copies of the Landcare book available shortly and plans are in hand to distribute it through the use of a Landholder Information pack, to be made available to new landholders in the district. Our thanks to the UMCCC for their efforts.

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Murray Murmerings

Andrew Campbell, former Executive Director of Land & Water Australia, has posted a very interesting paper entitled Murray Murmurings: Rethinking the Basin Plan. He recommends building on Landcare and other regional approaches to develop community support and involvement for water planning.

Greening Australia Newsletter

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