Wamboin Community Association


The Wamboin/Bywong area is serviced by a network of recreational trails known locally as Greenways. The current Greenways network comprises some 30 km of council reserves and road verges. Most of these council reserves were formerly crown road reserves or travelling stock routes that were transferred to council when the Greenways were originally established. The network has become a valuable community asset (perhaps still unique in the State), developed and maintained by community members through a committee of Council. In addition to its recreational use, the generally untouched nature of the land involved presents islands of endemic species, providing a unique opportunity to retain and revitalise areas of native vegetation.

The Greenways (indicated on the current Wamboin Road Map, available elsewhere on this site, or on the more comprehensive map of the Greenways available from the Bywong Community Association website) are there for all to use and to enjoy as part of our rural lifestyle.

To help maintain the Greenways as a community resource for the use and enjoyment of all, users are encouraged to:

  • remain on the defined tracks and refrain from collecting and/or removing natural or archaeological items from the Greenways;
  • keep noise to a minimum and respect the privacy of residents whose properties adjoin the Greenways;
  • keep dogs on a leash and under effective control at all times (Please note—this is a State legislated requirement);
  • remove their own rubbish and leave gates as found;
  • note that motorised vehicles, the carrying firearms or other weapons, hunting activities, camping and the lighting of fires are all prohibited on Greenways.